The chair Valentino is a beautiful piece of standing furniture. It fits in an excellent way as complement furniture to our upholstered furniture of the gamma Vegas.


Functions are in red. All figures are approximate (cm). Variations are shown in the sketches. Abbreviations are the following: Width (W) | Depth (D) | Height (H) | Seat Width (SW) | Seat Depth (SD) | Seat Height (SH) | Back Height (BH).

  • BH 113 | SW 52 | SH 64 | Type 91

Feet / Base Versions

Polished star base
| Code 55

Silver matt powder-coated star base |
Code 56

Polished chrome pedestal |
Code 50

Silver matt powder-coated pedestal
| Code 52



Fabric | Leather

Upholstery Filling

Polyurethane foam