Laauser Mobelmanufaktur Launches State-of-the-art Recliner Furniture in the MENA Markets

24 Sep . 2013

Laauser Mobelmanufaktur set up headquarters in Dubai & launches state-of-the-art European made recliners in the MENA markets.

Laauser is a furniture manufacturing company with history that spans more than 110 years. It was founded in Germany in 1894 and operated from there since last year when a group of investors acquired the brand and moved its headquarters to Dubai.

Luca Gorlero, Managing Director shares his excitement at the exclusive launch event that has taken place at "The Address Downtown" hotel yesterday and that targeted only the top management of the leading furniture retailers: "We are very excited to bring to the MENA region this exclusive and historical German brand. The company has been in business in Germany for more than 110 years and it has been a significant player in the high-end upholstery industry. Last year we decided to move the headquarters to Dubai from where we plan to target emerging market economies with a focus on the MENA region as well as Russia and ex CIS countries." He adds: "Today we have launched 4 new recliner models which we hope are going to be well received by the markets in the region: Jahn, Jonas, Luca & Leon. We expect to release new models regularly to the market on a yearly basis. All models are designed to fit seamlessly in the living room and in the office space. Two models specifically are quite unique as they target a very specific niche market; Lucas & Leon are lift chairs that combine a modern design with the key lift functionality, targeting the elderly segment and people with disabilities that require assistance in standing up."

Laauser manufactures only high end products with the latest technology and the finest components. Mr. Gorlero adds: "Our products target the discerning customers and organizations that appreciate quality, beautiful design and require durability." "Due to our unique customization programs that allow organizations to emboss their logo on our recliner chairs as well as choosing their own leather color, or multiple leather colors on the same chair, we expect a considerable demand for our recliners to come from corporate clients: government offices, hotels and sports clubs." "We have organized this event to be able to connect with the furniture retailers and selected other organizations with whom we would like to establish a business relationship to start distributing our products to the public very soon."

Some of the key differentiator of the Laauser products are the leather, the upholstery and the kinetic based mechanisms. The leather is particularly known for its quality; the "Super Premium" leather collection, for example, is tanned entirely using a patented process employing organic substances such as the extract from olive leaves. The upholstery is manufactured using the foam injection molding technique that although more expansive to produce it is the only one system that provides pin point density accuracy and guarantees long lasting durability. Laauser recliners employ state of the art motion mechanisms from the market leader Kintec Solution. Customers can choose between motorized and manual versions for most of Laauser products.

Laauser's headquarters is located in DMCC Dubai although its production remains 100% European. The company adheres to the stringent standards of the German Furniture Association.